Tankular Village Clinic Project

Tankular is a poor but peaceful small village located along the shore of river Gambia (west Africa) which leads to the Atlantic ocean. Her people and many of the close villages in the country of Gambia (West Africa) have struggled for several years with their health. I helplesslessly and sadly watched and heard of families, friends and other indigenous struggle with all sort of illnesses ranging from malaria, TB, High blood pressure, diabetes, Lung cancer, respiratory infections, Wound infections among many others. Many children and local folks died due to the most minor illness emanating to a more critical condition. This is due to a lack of any form of health care service nearby.The closest health care facility (limited)  is located several miles away. Transportation is almost impossible sometimes. The people of Tankular and it sorrounding are suffering, they need healthcare services, they need drugs to heal, they need help!!

As a philantropist and a native of Tankular village, I have founded a non profit organization called Sam Taal Global Foundation Inc since july 2015 (Named in memory of my late father who died due to Anemia in 2002) to help enhance the life of folks in need which is not limited to health care services, promotion of youth education, and the enhancement of the overall well being of the folks in need locally here in the USA and  around the globe…. My organization is based in the Chicopee, Ma, USA.
After analyzing the health and living condition of the children and the people of Tankular, my organization hired a local contruction and engineering company (volunteer) to help plan and design a small clinic that will help provide healthcare services to not only the folks of Tankular but also other near by poor villages. The engineering company also provided to me an estimate of the cost of the project being GMD 1,428,405 (one million, four hundred twenty eight thousand, four hundred and five Gambian Dalasis) equivalent to approximately $36,000.  Attached with the fundraising project you will see a picture of the proposed clinic.The bill of quantity alongside the detailed layout plan are available upon request for interested donor. We have set the goal to $50K to help with the project up to finishing of the bulding. The operational portion such as equipments as well medications etc.. to  get the clinic running will will be also plan but at a later part.

I am here by appealing to all and sundry to help execute this noble cause by donating funds towards the project. Pictures and videos of the site as well as its progress will be provided as it commences. Donations may be tax deductible and may be subjected to a tax writeoff when filing taxes at the end of the year.

I thank you kindly for your generosity.

Please if you have any further questions,suggestions feel free to direct them to samtaalglobalfoundation@gmail.com.

Fams Taal -Founder
Sam Taal Global Foundation Inc. IRS Tax ID:47-4705858
PO BOX 111
Chicopee, Ma,01021, USA.

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